My interests

My scientific interests revolve around air quality and how it is impacted by oil and gas development, as well as constraining fugitive emissions from oil and gas production/transportation to better estimate our green house gas emissions. I am also an avid rock climber, trail runner, and cook.

How I became a scientist

I had an amazing chemistry teacher in high school, and decided to continue with chemistry in college. I took time off during school to travel and make sure that I was studying something I truly enjoyed and believed in, which helped me focus on physical chemistry and geology, piquing my interest in paleoclimatology. I spent the next few years working on various aspects of climate research, from ancient mega-fauna extinction, to ice cores, to monitoring global CO2 levels. After interacting with a particularly inspiring group of scientists, I narrowed my focus to air quality and the more immediate health risks associated with it, especially in developing countries. I am continuing my education in this field and participating in research projects attempting to better quantify methane and volatile organic compound (VOC) leak rates from oil and natural gas production.

Noteworthy acheivements

I am just beginning my formal studies in air quality, but my previous work on CO2 isotopes has been useful for understanding global carbon sinks and sources.