My interests

I study the weather and climate of Antarctica using a combination of observations and numerical model output. My field work includes the installation of automatic weather stations and the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles to observe the Antarctic atmosphere. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors with my family. You can often find me hiking, skiing, biking, or running.

How I became a scientist

I became a scientist because I love thinking about questions that do not have an obvious answer. I studied mechanical engineering for my undergraduate education. I really liked the hands-on application of engineering and I worked in industry for a few years after graduation. Although, over time I realized that I wanted to spend more of my time thinking about the “why”. I decided to go graduate school and applied to Atmospheric Science programs. In graduate school, I found my passion for Antarctic weather and climate and I haven’t turned back.

How my work benefits society

My research diagnoses the physical processes that drive the atmosphere. Understanding these processes is important for both weather forecasting and future climate prediction.