My Interests

Growing up in a military family left me with a strong sense of civic duty so when I decided to study science, working for the government seemed obvious because it is a sense of service. My interest are those space and time scales that will impact society immediately. Other than science, I enjoy reading, cooking for friends and family, and playing video games.

How I became a scientist

Growing up in Puerto Rico made the weather an important everyday part of my life. Not only is Puerto Rico affected seasonally by hurricanes but it can have major air quality issues due to influxes of sand/dust/ash from Africa and the Montserrat volcano. Curiosity in weather led me to major in Physics at The University of Puerto Rico, because a strong physics and mathematical background is recommended for atmospheric science graduate school. While attending graduate school at The Pennsylvania State University, I began working with Atmospheric Transport and Dispersion models. I am interested and thrive when working as the “middle [wo]man” between modelers and experimentalists. I appreciate the theories and equations that go into modeling, on the other hand, I also enjoy the experimental side of science and its data collection. I am most myself in the middle when comparing data with its inherent noise/instrumental error to models given the limitations of the assumptions and approximations under which they are built.