My interests

My research interests  are  largely centered around sedimentology and stratigraphy  (with a special emphasis on rift basin stratigraphy).  I am an avid reader, and enjoy  spending time outdoors.  I also love to travel, cook, volunteer and write.  This semester my goal is to conquer one of my major fears (which I will share upon completion).

How I became a scientist

As a child, I wanted to be a geologist, before I knew precisely what a geologist did. The signs were everywhere, but my initial confirmation came at the age of six (6) after a Sunday afternoon drive with my parents through the oil fields of South, Trinidad. Upon returning home, I engineered my own little version of a crude-mini oil field with duct tape, thread, thread spools, sticks, and my Lego set; all for Barbie to operate of course. Thus I pursued geology through out my whole academic career; from primary to tertiary level. My desire to learn and investigate has been continuously encouraged by my family and educators, and I can not wait to share and encourage future young scientist.

How my research benefits society

My research is currently a work in progress, but it is ultimately my goal that my Ph.D. research will produce beneficial information, to de-risk exploration for and in the development of worldwide hydrocarbon, water and mineral resources, and be used as a predictive model in the petroleum industry.