My interests

I’m currently studying the physics of aerosol particles, and specializing in developing instruments to better study aerosols’ optical properties. I love all outdoor sports, from hiking and backpacking to rock climbing and skiing. I live outside of Laramie on beautiful land with my two horses, two dogs, and two cats.

How I became a scientist

In my early education, I always loved mathematics above all other topics. My second love, however, was physics, and these math and physics classes were what captivated me far more than any other field. Thus, I began college assuming that a solid foundation in these two things would allow me to do pretty much any science I wanted. Post college, I was drawn to the geosciences because I hoped it would allow me to work outside. I transitioned from doing graduate level seismology to atmospheric science when I realized that the atmosphere is changing at an infinitely greater rate than the deep earth, and that in atmospheric sciences, the opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the world abound. I love how empowering my education in the physical world has been, as I apply it to better comprehending the world around me in daily life.

Noteworthy acheivements

NASA Wyoming Space Grant recipient 2015
Selected to attend the Advanced Climate Dynamics Course of 2015 in Iceland