My interests

Currently my research interest is focused on global ethane and propane emissions and their effects on ozone production. I love to spend time with friends and dance salsa. I also have a big fascination for climbing trees, consequently my favorite spot in Fort Collins is a treetop in the middle of City Park!

How I became a scientist

During my undergrad studies, I worked on a very important air quality field campaign based in Mexico City.  My job was to collect air samples and analyzed them for carcinogenic hydrocarbons.  Since then, I fell in love with air quality research!  Years later, I received the offer to work in my (at that time) “dream job”.  Under the leadership of Nobel laureate Dr. Mario Molina, I worked for a nongovernmental organization conducting studies to assess air pollution impacts in different air basins in Mexico.  Eager to learn more about chemistry and atmospheric processes, I decided to pursue graduate studies.  When I was accepted to Colorado State University a new journey began! I worked on a biomass burning project during my masters and willing to develop modeling skills, now my PhD research focuses on global ethane and propane emission inventories.