My interests

My true work love is programming and I like to apply that to satellite data of all kinds. Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family, baking, playing cards, camping, and running.

How I became a scientist

My father was an engineer and I grew up wanting nothing to do with his boring job. I went to college intending to major in Spanish and sociology, but the liberal arts college that I attended requires a semester of math and a semester of science from even humanities majors in order to create well-rounded individuals. I had taken physics and calculus in high school and planned to retake these classes as a freshman to fulfill my requirements quickly and move on. The freshman introductory physics course is lab-based (no lectures) and the students experiment their way to knowledge with a lab group. Over the course of the semester, I became very close with my lab group (all intended physics majors) and was saddened by the thought of them moving on and having fun without me, so I decided to keep going until I wasn’t having fun anymore. Over a decade later, I am still having fun!

How my work benefits society

I have developed several tools and data products that have aided in the validation of new satellite products. My work enables understanding of long-term climate data records even as technology and instrumentation changes.