My interests

My research interests include the effect of climate change on ozone air pollution and its human health effects, tropospheric atmospheric chemistry, gas phase chemical mechanisms and the effect of climate change on air quality. My work has focused on air quality modeling simulations that evaluate the projected ozone trends and changes in the ozone-precursor relationship in the Los Angeles air basin in response to varying reductions of precursor emissions. I was born in St. Marks, Grenada, W.I. and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

How I became a scientist

My path to science was not a direct one because my plan was always to become a medical doctor, but life had different plans. After graduating from Howard University in May 2011, I started the process for applying to medical school, but unfortunately I did not get into any schools nor do well on my MCAT. It was a chemistry professor (Dr. William Stockwell) who told me that I could make a difference in the world through science. So I decided to apply to graduate school to see how everything would work out. It turns out that the research I am conducting and various opportunities I am afforded from being in the research science field has shown me that science is the correct path for me.

How my work benefits society

I study the effect of climate change on the atmosphere and the contributing health effects to the surrounding societies.