My interests

My passion is teaching weather forecasting techniques to operational meteorologists around the world. In my work, I connect information found through research in the geosciences and relay those findings to help people responsible for protecting lives through timely weather information improve their products and support.

How I became a scientist

I loved chemistry and physics in high school and began as a chemistry major in college. In my junior year, I switched to Atmospheric Science and really enjoyed the applied science aspect of the field. Much of my career has been involved with developing training for weather forecasters, and I have also worked in National Weather Service forecast offices and have taught in university classrooms. My research interests are in mesoscale modeling and applications to fire weather and post fire impacts on microclimate.

How my work benefits society

The COMET Program is a world-wide leader in support of education and training for the environmental sciences, delivering scientifically relevant and instructionally progressive products and services. The training materials we develop in the geosciences have far-reaching impact. Visit the COMET Program’s MetEd website to learn more!.