My interests

I am interested in better understanding how water is partitioned across semi-arid rangelands; what proportion of water is going to the streams, vegetation, into deeper storage. I am also interested in determining what water in contributing to streamflow throughout the year.

How I became a scientist

I became scientist because I never stopped questions. I was always curious how the natural world worked and wanted to choose a field that would impact human health and let be work outside. For a while I was focused on getting a career in the medical field, but became obsessed by the interconnectedness of water on human and environmental health. I have been fortunate to have had amazing teachers and professors my entire educational career who always encouraged me to challenge myself and think big.

How my work benefits society

Despite being our most vital resource, how water is distributed across the landscape and proportion contributing to our aquifers and streams is not well understood. Hopefully my work will help impact water management strategies in the mountain west. As populations grow in places where water availability is spatially and temporally disconnected, understanding mountain streams will be ever more pressing.