My interests

Although my work at NCAR is centered around understanding climate change, I am a weather geek at heart. I have always loved anything that takes me outdoors and into the weather. Cycling, hiking, yoga, music, and of course, family are where I spend most of my time outside of science.

How I became a scientist

When I was a kid, I would stare up at the clear blue sky and take pictures. My father, a photographer, would ask me why I was taking a picture with nothing in it. My response was that the picture was NOT of nothing, it was a picture amazing blue sky! For as long as I can remember, I wanted to know “why”…Why was the sky blue? Why were the clouds moving in that direction? Why did we just get 2 feet of snow?! I grew up on in Maryland and went to Penn State after high school with the intent on becoming a weather forecaster…which I did for a little while before I realized I didn’t want to stop asking “why”! The best way to feed my curiosity (and support myself) was to go back to school and enter the research field. After finishing my Masters in Meteorology, I moved to Colorado and began working at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. A dream job for me then, and a dream job for me now!

How my work benefits society

My current research involves running the Community Climate System Model (CESM) for past, present, and future climates. CESM contributes to the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) which is an international effort to understand climate change from a scientific standpoint and produce reports designed to help society understand the physical and societal consequences of climate change. Follow these links to learn more about CESM and the IPCC.