Anna Hodshire, Atmospheric Scientist

Education and Experience

2020-present: Research Scientist, Colorado State University

2016-2019: PhD Candidate, Colorado State University

2014-2016: Master’s Student, Colorado State University

2009-2014: B.S. from Weber State University in Physics and Applied Math

My interests

My research interests are currently focused upon understanding the pathways of growth for aerosols in the atmosphere. In my personal time, I love playing and listening to music, and am focused upon becoming the best tenor saxophone player that I can be. I also enjoy hiking, concerts, reading, hanging out with my cat Iris Demented, contemplating my next tattoo, and above all, learning new things every day.  

How I became a scientist

I have always been fascinated with the natural world and what makes it tick. After having a truly challenging AP Chemistry course in high school, I realized that science will always hand me both answers and more question. After working my way through a B.S. in physics and applied math, I decided that I could take my love of physics and chemistry and combine it with my concern for the environment and particularly air pollution by entering into atmospheric sciences. It was a steep learning curve at first, since it turns out I didn’t know much more about the atmosphere beyond the fact that it rains sometimes and I prefer warm over cold air. But I know that I have made the right choice with moving to atmospheric science. Learning about aerosols, the atmosphere, and climate in depth has given me a new appreciation of the complexity that faces us when it comes to climate change and the many problems that comes with it.

How my work benefits society

My research fits in with the broader goal of better understanding and quantifying the impacts of aerosols upon the environment and the environment.