How do the geosciences affect me and the world in which we live?

The work of countless geoscientists affects our lives every day. We regularly use the GPS features developed by physicists and geophysicists in our cars and on our mobile phones, we check weather forecasts developed by meteorologists and numerical modelers, rely on fuel for our vehicles that was researched, accessed, developed, and processed by geologists, drink clean and safe water from either local wells or municipal water sources that was regulated by hydrologists, develop or utilize property on land that has been analyzed by environmental geologists to prevent pollution, erosion, and ensure flood control, and safely commute along roads, tunnels, and paths that have been planned and developed by geoscientists, just to name a few.

Learn more about careers in the Geosciences

Careers in the geosciences have endless options.  Many organizations have web pages dedicated to these options, here are some examples:

Fun Fact: “Geo” is taken from the Greek word for Earth, so a geoscience is any study or work that has to do with our planet–the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere (aka air, plant and animal life, rocks, and water) or any other part of Earth. Wikipedia has a great list and descriptions of the earth sciences.

To learn more about the Geosciences, check out the Geoscience FAQs page. To explore all of the different areas of Geoscience, check out our Geoscience Sub-disciplines page. Have questions about different Geoscience careers? Click here.

Alexandra Naegele and Leah Lindsey