Undergraduate Research Opportunities

So you’re interested in undergraduate research opportunities? Fantastic! Many opportunities, paid or unpaid, may already be available at your home institution. The simplest way to get started in research is right at your own university. Do you have a favorite professor you can talk to? Or perhaps your departmental advisor? If there are a lot of faculty in your department, look up information about the professors who conduct research in your department and see which ones do research that interests you. Contact these professors to see if they would be willing to meet and talk with you about research work. Many professors are overworked and are happy to have an eager scientist help them with some of their research tasks.

There are also special summer-long Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This NSF-sponsored scholarship program is typically held for 10 weeks each summer for U.S. citizens at universities all over the country in nearly every scientific discipline. Additionally, many federal laboratories and even private-sector companies offer summer research projects. These programs are hosted by a parent institution and conduct a nationwide search for students every winter. Students from other and smaller universities are especially encouraged to apply.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: Links to REU/internship listings

Tips for submitting a competitive REU & internship applications

Kelsey measures percent cover in a forested plot

Melissa Nigro at crevasse training on the  Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica