REU & Internship Listings

“The REU program continues to impact my career and my professional growth. I am very happy to be a part of this research program that  collaborates with the faculty and students.The program has taught me how to analyze data, write a technical paper, [and] prepare and  make both oral and poster presentations… Overall, I am very grateful for having the REU program prepare me, as an undergraduate student, for graduate school and for the STEM workforce through its many rewarding activities and events.”  -Lena, REU Participant-


“The REU experience, to a great extent, made my master’s degree research experience so much more enjoyable; it allowed me to develop the set of skills required to do research at a graduate level.” –Ibrahim, REU participant-
“Participating in the NSF CREST REU program was more than just an eye-opener; it exposed me to the scientific community, allowed me to present my work at a number of conferences in the United States, led me to a series of new opportunities, and compelled me to expand my career goals.” -Adam, REU participant-

REU and Internship Opportunities

Below is a listing of typical REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) and summer internship programs that are regularly offered, but the actual offerings can vary from year to year depending on NSF funding. 

Be sure to read each listing carefully for eligibility, application guidelines, and submission deadlines.  Some of the web links are duplicates, but we’ve broken them down into subcategories to get you started.  Please note that the lists are not complete, nor are they necessarily up to date, but they can provide you with a good place to start and a great way to get some ideas.  We recommend also checking the National Science Foundation (NSF) REU website regularly for updates.

By Sector

National labs and federal agenciesMost National Labs have undergraduate research programs.  You can work during the summer or for a semester.  Here are some examples:

Geoscience unions and scientific journals – Many undergraduate research opportunities can be found via the major geoscience unions and scientific journals:

Miscellaneous programs


Current lists of opportunities with federal agencies: and USA Jobs

By Discipline