Women in Clean Energy lunch at CSU on Wednesday, Sept 28

A special part of this year’s Energy Transition Symposium (the former Natural Gas Symposium) is a Women in Clean Energy lunch, hosted by C3E, on Wednesday, Sept 28 at the CSU Lory Student Center. All women students and faculty are invited to attend this year’s luncheon and symposium.  The luncheon and symposium are free of charge to all participants, however it is requested that participants register for the lunch.

The lunch kicks off the symposium, and is followed by a great line up of speakers.  Please see the agenda below for more information. 

Lunch Purpose – To inspire and engage others and move the needle in getting more women into the STEM programs as well as advancing women in STEM careers. Many women’s organizations dedicated to similar work such as in wind, solar and energy as well as high school-aged women, college-aged women, CSU faculty, and those in energy-related fields have been invited to attend this event.

About C3E – Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) initiative. C3E is advancing women’s leadership in clean energy around the world. (Click here for their website.) C3E provides a forum for women to build a global network and share information, inspiration, and opportunities. Judy Dorsey, COE alum and owner of the Brendle Group, is the founder of the new C3E Colorado Chapter.


C3E Women in Clean Energy luncheon

Date:            September 28, 2016

Location:      Colorado State University Lory Student Center ballroom

Cost:             Free of charge to all participants.  Everyone must register.  Click here to register.

Live stream:  The session will be live streamed (11:00-12:30pm) from website at



10:00 – 10:45        Registration and networking.  Men encouraged to attend.

10:45 – 11:00        Welcome, setting the tone of this session and introductory remarks

11:00 – 11:15        Keynote remarks – Ellen Williams, Director, ARPA-e, Department of Energy

11:15 – 12:15        Panel session “Unleashing the Power of Women in Energy”

Moderator:   Lauren Casteel, President, Womens Foundation TENTATIVE

Panelist #1:  (Federal) Ellen Williams, Director, ARPA-e, Department of Energy   FIRM

Panelist #2:  (Industry)  Kate Fay, Manager, Environmental and Regulatory Policy, Noble Energy   FIRM

Panelist #3:  (Environmental NGO)  Vickie Patton, General Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund   TENTATIVE

Panelist #4:  (National Lab)  Bobi Garrett, Deputy Laboratory Director Operations, National Renewable Energy Laboratory TENTATIVE

12:15 – 12:30        Next steps and future vision:  Colorado C3E’s vision for “Unleashing the Power of Women in Energy”

Potential questions posed to panelists:

Theme 1. Envisioning Women in America’s Clean Energy Transition

  • How does the clean energy transition look different when women are at the table?
  • How are women and girls especially affected by whether we succeed globally with the promise of a clean energy transition?
  • What skills do women bring for breaking down obstacles and accelerating the clean energy transition?

Theme 2. Professional Pathways for Women in Clean Energy

  • What got you interested in your field? Who or what were your early influences?
  • How did you get to where you are in your career?  Share your educational path and career path.
  • Did you have to do things differently than your male counterparts (in communication, in management and leadership styles, other)?
  • Did you have a mentor or someone who helped you succeed, learn the unsaid elements of the culture or other success factors?
  • What are some of the professional pathways that the women in your peer group are on?
  • What are the top opportunities and challenges in linking STEM careers to clean energy and energy-related fields?
  • How can we encourage and advance young women in the STEM pathways and careers?
  • How can women in STEM, both in education and the professional world, best collaborate and align resources?

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